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Swiss Health Resort's large outdoor pool overlooks the valley and Mt. San Jacinto. It is constantly refreshed with natural hot mineral water pumped from a well on property. The normal temperature of the crystal clear waters of the outdoor pool is 90°F winter and summer.
The temperature of our indoor mineral pool is 97°F. The Jacuzzi is maintained at 104°F.

66729 Eighth Street, Desert Hot Springs, California 92240   RESERVATIONS: 800-794-7743   Email

Home of the Healing Waters
Desert Hot Springs hot water aquifer results when mountain snow melts, flows deep beneath the city as an underground stream, flows into cracks in the earth's crust, is heated by superheated rock and comes boiling back toward the surface to fill great underground caverns with water as hot as 180°. Our well on property provides a constant flow of fresh, pure, mineral-rich hot water so that the water in our pools is also always fresh. It's like bathing in a hot river or soaking in a natural spring. Guests return year after year to enjoy the water's healing properties – soothing and rejuvenating the body and restoring the psyche.

Home Hiking Pools Spa Swama Rooms Specials Contact